One Laptop per Child delivers their custom laptop to Ethiopia-results inspiring

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I recently came across an AMAZING article about One Laptop Per Child and their quest to give a thousand Motorola Zoom tablet PCs  to kids in Ethiopian. As some background, writes: The new $100 XO-3.0 has been ruggedized for the rough handling a kid is likely to give it, and includes a wraparound cover that seems inspired by the iPad2’s Smart Cover. …

Firefox 11’s New 3D Developer Tools

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Firefox 11 just released today and, as a web designer, I’m giddy about their new 3D developer tool for, well, web developers, even if for anything just the sheer coolness of it. Below is a preview of this site in 3D mode. Developers have been accustomed to 2D tools such as Firebug and Firefox’s own built in tools for some …

Macbook MagSafe Adapter Replacement Program

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I bought my Macbook Pro back in the early 2008. It’s been great ever since but this last year, the power adapter stopped working – right before I needed to take it to a client meeting – nice. While I picked up a new one (newer model actually) at Best Buy, I’ve now stumbled upon Apple’s Adapter Replacement Program. Why I …

Having a Firewall is Important

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A what? Firewall. If you’re a PC user you have antivirus (or at least you should) and you probably even have spyware protection. Well good for you. But have you ever considered using a firewall? A firewall is a device or set of devices designed to permit or deny network transmissions based upon a set of rules and is frequently …

Apple’s OSX Lion is Out

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OK, it’s old news for sure, but Apple’s latest and best operating system is out for downloading. But only downloading. If you haven’t heard already, you can’t buy the $29.99 OS in stores and you can expect that will be the trend with future releases from said Mac company…

Save Folder Contents as Text

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Prepare yourself – here comes an ultra geeky tip. Say you have this folder chucked full of files and for whatever reason you need a list of all the file and folder names inside that folder. No simple screenshot will work because you’re a nerd you want to see rows and columns and auto filter the names by characters and …

Rapid City Web Design

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Any business in 2011 that wants to be successful must have a strong web presence. With as much internet access that we have today, all well-to-do, want-to-do-well, businesses have so much at their disposal. And with as many companies, commercial and those offering open source solutions, offering high quality, easy to use, content management systems and point and click startup …

Rapid City Computer Repair

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Tech4Eleven is not just a great tech blog, bringing the best in tutorials, fixes, and reviews, it’s also a computer repair and web design business based in Rapid City, South Dakota. Tech4Eleven formally started serving clients in early 2010 with the desire to help people with their technology needs. A year later and it’s already a well established business, growing …

Life in a Computerized Age

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We’re all moving, living, and operating around computers. Disks spin. Fans go ’round. Type type type. Send money. Buy goods. Surf. Browse. Crunch numbers. Crunchy keyboards. Blinking lights. Data zooming. Click click. Click. It’s a busy world. Set in the middle of a computer-revolving company, I see everybody and their mom pushing these buttons. There’s mister IT specialist over there … and the 300

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Over four million children in Ethiopia are without parents, left to sickness and death when people do not step in. That is why my wife and I have decided to adopt a child from Ethiopia. We have always wanted to adopt and there is no better time than the now. One is destined for us and we are destined for …

Q & A: Sending large files

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I have a file that I need to send to a friend but it appears my email won’t send it. If i can’t email it then how do i get it to my friend? Signed, Unsatisfied Sender Dear Sir, Your question is not an uncommon one, so rest assured that there are others wondering the same thing. There is an …

Merry Christmas from Tech4Eleven

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Merry Christmas, everybody, from Tech4Eleven. May your Christmas be merry and bright and may you remember and celebrate the true meaning for the celebration! Thank you everyone who has followed and supported Tech4Eleven over the years. I sure appreciate it.

Save Some RAM: Disable Dashboard

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Mac Users: I don’t really use the Dashboard anymore. Let’s face it- it use to be cool right? Ya, I don’t know. So as it goes, even if you don’t use the dashboard or any widgets, it still takes up your precious memory – resources that could be better used updating your MAMP wordpress site, or ripping DVDs with handbrake. …

iPad in Business

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I am currently heading a project to deploy iPads in a corporate environment. We have purchased 20 32G Wi-Fi + 3G ipads for our research and development and deployment plan. Straight off the bat, iPads in business present a set of troubling issues. The first thing we asked is “How is this iPad going to be used?” We know that, …

Raising an iMac from the Dead

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This is a story of a sick iMac and it’s quick recovery…don’t worry, there are pictures…. I was recently asked to fixed a Mid2007 aluminum iMac. The user reported that it wouldn’t turn on anymore. I immediately did some basic troubleshooting to determine what the heck was going on….check the power cable, the outlet (ya, no brainers- but ya gotta …

Round 2: Fatcow vs BlueHost (The Transfer)

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A while back I shared an article entitled Round 1: Fatcow vs BlueHost (Initial Setup) where I discussed some initial differences between my experiences with Fatcow and Bluehost. Well today I disclose the rest of the story… With my fatcow hosting heading toward expiration in just a few months I decided in the first week of April that I wanted …