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Any business in 2011 that wants to be successful must have a strong web presence. With as much internet access that we have today, all well-to-do, want-to-do-well, businesses have so much at their disposal. And with as many companies, commercial and those offering open source solutions, offering high quality, easy to use, content management systems and point and click startup packages, there’s just no excuse for bad websites. Yes, I’m referring to flashy marques, clipart and ill-planned navigation- to name a few. We’ve even surpassed the age of static webpages and have come into the era of ultra-dynamic content, including social and mobile media. So no more geocities websites hosted on .tk domains. (I was guilty as charged at one point – but hey, that was 1993 and we were “developing” websites over dial up). With as much as is available to us, everyone, businesses, bloggers, and so on, should have web standard websites.

At Tech4Eleven, we pride ourselves on developing rich-content, ultra-dynamic, custom web design to Rapid City locals and abroad. We specialize in using the WordPress content management system, and we use it almost exclusively. We believe that WordPress offers the industry standards that should be on the internet. It’s light, but highly extendable. It’s easy to use, even for non-web-techy folks. It’s easily updateable and configurable. Since it all resides “on the web,” teams and businesses can update their site from the WordPress dashboard and publish their changes immediately.

With Tech4Eleven, there are no cookie-cutter websites, like you’ll find offered at many other web design companies. Each website is hand crafted to meet the needs of the client – from colors, to fonts, to imagery. Tech4Eleven meets with each client to get a feel for what’s needed for them on the web. Whether it’s updating and managing a current website or starting from the ground up. If a client’s not sure what they want, no problem. Tech4Eleven shines in all situations and loves to express it’s creative mind.
Not only are we creative, but we’re also geeky. And it’s one of our biggest strengths. We pay close attention to all the behind the scenes stuff: website updates, database backups, file backups, custom coding, search engine optimization (SEO) – everything needed to keep the client’s website running smoothly. And we never leave people in the dark. We are available to answer any questions regarding the website and how to use it. We even offer to fully manage and update your website, so you can take care of your customers and growing your business on the other fronts.

One of the things we stress is “getting people to where they need to be” on your website. We take out the guess work by striving to provide the best possible path to get to the content that you want people to see on your site – we refer to this as “simple and effective web design.” Sounds good right? Give us a call today to see what Tech4Eleven can do for you.

For more detailed information on the web design services provided by Tech4Eleven, please visit our Design page.