Working with Images – Updating Your Website

Cory Software, Web, Wordpress

Working with images is an essential part of working on your website. You want to visually appeal to your visitors; therefore, it’s necessary to make sure your images are optimized before uploading them so that your website can run at peak speeds. Here are a few tips on how to best prepare your images.

1. Make the image the exact dimensions you need it to be on the site. Images for inside pages should not be bigger than 1024px in either direction.
2. Make the image as small in file size as possible. Keeping images under 1 megabyte is a good rule of thumb.
3. JPG images are always smaller in file size than PNG images but sometimes you need to use a PNG image when you’re dealing with transparency, like a logo.

You probably need software in order to do these things. Here are our favorites:


Preview (Mac) – I use the built image tools inside Preview. Open the image, go to Tools>Adjust Size and change your dimensions there. Save. Done.
Image Resizer (Windows)Here is a useful tool for Windows users that lets you resize to your heart’s desire.


ImageOptim (Mac) – Once your image has the right dimensions, optimize it using this tool. Just drag in the image(s) and let it go to work.
For Windows, use FileOptimizer or for any platform, use ImageOptim Online.

When you’re done resizing and optimizing, it’s a good idea to check the image’s file size again before uploading it to your website. Generally, you can get that information by right clicking it and choose “Properties” (windows) or “Get Info” (mac).