Q & A: Sending large files

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I have a file that I need to send to a friend but it appears my email won’t send it. If i can’t email it then how do i get it to my friend? Signed, Unsatisfied Sender Dear Sir, Your question is not an uncommon one, so rest assured that there are others wondering the same thing. There is an …

Jolicloud OS Reviewed

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These days with the expansion and tweaking of linux, operating systems are a dime a dozen. A few weeks ago, I reviewed Chrome OS, which Google built on linux, and I wrote how I was disappointed with it, mainly ’cause there’s next to nothing to it. Then I discovered Jolicloud this week via a post by Lifehacker: Jolicloud Netbook OS Is …

More on Pandora: Widget in Dashboard

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One of Safari’s “hidden” features (on Mac) is the ability to essentially take any part of a webpage and create a widget in dashboard. Listening to Pandora at home tonight, I wanted a way to listen without a browser window being open, like you can with Open Pandora on Windows (see Get Past Pandora’s Listening Limit for more information). I …

Use Scalable Background Image on Your Website

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Because I basically suck at coding a sweet background to use as website background, I naturally result to Photoshop to design the image…but I get stuck at this question: “Ok, so how exactly am I going to put this image in the background and make it so it doesn’t look cropped, leaving white space around the image?” If you’ve ever …

Mactopia? It truly is a real place

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Microsoft- poor guys. Granted they do come up with some pretty cool stuff but I’m just not sure what they’re getting at sometimes. I’ll just come out and say it: seems like they’re saying Macintosh is pretty cool and a superior system. I won’t say anymore. Just take a look at the images below.

Need some Change?

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I have a video on my cell phone, but my computer won’t play it. The file extension is “.3gp” and what I want to do is upload the video to my blog, but my blog won’t except that kind of file. Searching Google for a downloadable tool only results in software that has to be purchased, everything else I find, …

Free and Fast Business Lookup via GOOGLE

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Google has an awesome business directory via Google Maps, but I never expect this. While browsing Google today for a business name, I came across 1-800-GOOG-411. Calling it, I found an exciting array of ease and functionality, and in addition, FREE-NESS. I saved the number in my mobile contacts and I might even put it on speed dial. This is …