Quickly change wallpaper in OS X

Cory Mac, Other Tricks

If you are like me and use multiple monitors, you can quickly, and easily I might add, make the wallpaper on all monitors the same. Open “System Preferences” and go into “Desktop & Screen Saver”. A window will show up on each monitor. Move them closer to each other for more ease. Click and drag the preview of the wallpaper …

iPhone wallpaper getting cut off

Cory iOS7

If you’ve upgraded your device to iOS7 and notice that the pictures you’re trying to set as wallpaper are getting cut off something terrible, there’s an easy fix.

iPad in Business

Cory Blog, Hardware

I am currently heading a project to deploy iPads in a corporate environment. We have purchased 20 32G Wi-Fi + 3G ipads for our research and development and deployment plan. Straight off the bat, iPads in business present a set of troubling issues. The first thing we asked is “How is this iPad going to be used?” We know that, …

Remember Y2K with a Secure Backup

Cory Blog, Mac, Software

So yeah, happy new year! While I’m stuck at work for the rest of the night there’s no better time to talk about securing your Mac with a backup than now, whilst remembering the “dawn of Y2K” was just yester-year, when loosing everything was all the rage. I recently happened upon a great deal on a 1TB Apple Time Capsule …