Save Windows Icon Location

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I’m all about sharing things I find useful,  so writing about this little post about this little app fits right in line. At work, I have all my desktop icons arranged exactly how I want them-“minimally” really, because I hate a cluttered desktop. But every now and then I am working away from my desk, thus need to remote into …

XP Desktop Icon Annoyance

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Sometimes the icons on your desktop will have color behind them, making it SO 1990. And its really not obvious how to change this so there’s NO color, or so that it’s transparent. These tips are all over the internet, but I’ve collected two main fixes here. First: Go to this path: Control Panel> System> Advanced Tab> Settings button under …

Your Service is not Needed

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Today I needed to delete a service in Windows XP because on this PC there were remains of an old virus- good ‘ol _qbot. Even though you can disable services that are running on your PC through start>run>msconfig> startup tab AND in services.msc, their “remains” still exist, or at least their annoying name.  So, with the help of, a …

\Shareand Share.alike

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Sharing files by email is stupid. Sharing files with Dropbox is nice. But sharing files by UNC path is just plain awesome. WINDOWS: According to Everything Guru Wikipedia, UNC “is short for Universal Naming Convention or Uniform Naming Convention, [which] specifies a common syntax to describe the location of a network resource, such as a shared file, directory, or printer.” …

How I roll. (syncing calendars)

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Syncing calendars may not be your forte, but if you want to stay connected to your schedule at home, at work, and perhaps, at play, then you may want to keep reading. If you read anything here, you know I nearly always explain the Mac side of life and mention briefly that the same procedure is possible (perhaps) on Windows. Well, …

Peek-a-Boo! I See You! Hidden Files

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Sometimes you just need to see everything. Luckily, you don’t need a special pair of hi-tech glasses to see every file on your computer. Viewing hidden files on Windows is easy. Open a folder, go to Tools, Folder Options, View tab, Under Hidden files and folders, click Show hidden files and folders. Viewing hidden files under Mac OSx Leopard, is …

Steady As She Goes: Windows User Control

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Windows Only: The last two days I have spent most of my time setting up the tech bar at a local coffee shop. This gourmet beverage delivering company hosts two public access computers for customers to browse the net while they down their drinks. Long story short, after years of use and neglect, they both needed to be redone, completely. …

Be proficient with Microsoft Office Document Scanning

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Windows: Tucked away in a small crevice of your Window’s Start Menu resides a powerful, but otherwise relatively unknown tool. Follow the path to Start>All Programs>Microsoft Office>Microsoft Office Tools>Microsoft Office Document Scanning and Whallah! – Power at your fingertips. You have a paper, a project, a document, something with text on it, and you need to revamp-edit-rework it, but of …

Paths of Finding my Keys

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Windows Only: If you happen upon a computer which has previously accessed any number of wireless networks, you can, obviously, easily log on to those networks. However, say, for instance, laptopA can access NetworkA but your second laptop, LaptopB, cannot log on to said Network-for reasons of not being able to obtain the network key-for any reason. Follow? You could …

Mactopia? It truly is a real place

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Microsoft- poor guys. Granted they do come up with some pretty cool stuff but I’m just not sure what they’re getting at sometimes. I’ll just come out and say it: seems like they’re saying Macintosh is pretty cool and a superior system. I won’t say anymore. Just take a look at the images below.