Why Your Business Will Benefit From ‘The Starter’ Web Design Package

The Starter Web Design Package by Tech4Eleven


Earlier this year, We rebuilt our web design services to offer two packages. The Pro is the same web design package we’ve always had. It’s best for a custom, tailor-made project. It’s modern, responsive and can be loaded with features. We design our “Pro” websites for much less than what most other designers charge – and we’re proud of that. But we realized not everyone is in the market for a custom website. Some people don’t need something so in-depth.

The Starter was birthed out of our continual and original desire to meet people where they are. The Starter gets the same amount of attention to detail as every website we design. It’s “pre-packaged-ness” offers quick turn around, while at the same time delivering on modern & responsive design. Since we’ve already done the leg work needed to achieve these goals, we are able to offer it to small businesses and personal projects at a fraction of our already, extremely low priced web design cost.

There are a million web site services out there. We know this. We know you know this. But we also know why choosing The Starter by Tech4Eleven is the way to go.


Consider the time it would take to learn a content management & design system. That is precious time that you can spend on growing your business or investing in your family. You can leave the design to us by selecting one of our beautifully crafted Starter sites and then sending us the text, images and links you want on the pages of your website. It’s that easy.


We take pride in being quick to respond to the needs of our customers. Premium support is included with all our web design packages. Be it a question on how to do something on your website or a question about your domain name, we’re here to help. And you’ll get in touch with a real life person every time! That’s our guarantee.


The Starter packages by design operate in their own closed environment. It’s true. But when you want to expand your website and add more features to help your business or brand, we can talk about getting you into a website that fully meetings your needs.


We’ll host and manage your website so any changes that need to be made to your site will be handled by our talented designers.



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