Our Top 50 Computer Repair Services

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Here at Tech4Eleven we take on a lot, and for good reason: We want to provide the very best in computer repair and web design for Rapid City, South Dakota and abroad. Today we look at our top 50 computer repair services.

They span the spectrum.

No job is too small.

We’re always up-front with what the issue is.

We’ll always give you what the options are to fix the issue.

We’ll educate you about the issue and the resolution.


So without further ado, here are our top 50 computer repair services

(in no particular order, except up and down, of course):

01. Virus Removal
02. Spyware Removal
03. Malware Removal
04. System Junk Removal
05. Internal Components Cleaning
06. Memory Upgrades
07. Harddrive Upgrades
08. Operating System Upgrades
09. Computer Component Replacements & Upgrade
10. Harddrive Cloning
11. Operating System Install
12. Operating System Optimization
13. Operating System Reinstallation
14. Network Hardware Setup
15. Network Configuration
16. WiFi Setup
17. Basic Data Recovery
18. Software Installation
19. Hardware Upgrade Consultation
20. Software Buying Consultation
21. Computer Buying Consultation
22. In Home Service
23. Printer Setup
24. Computer Training
25. Keyboard Replacement
26. Laptop LCD Replacement
27. Computer Fan Replacement
28. Desktop Power Supply Replacement
29. Keyboard & Mouse Battery Replacement
30. CMOS Battery Replacement
31. Remote Computer Support
32. Data Backup
33. Data Backup and Restore
34. New Computer Setup
35. PC Repair
36. Mac Repair
37. Overheating Troubleshooting and Repair
38. Network Troubleshooting
39. Computer Misbehaving Troubleshooting
40. Peripherals Troubleshooting
41. Output Devices Troubleshooting
42. Data Storage Devices Troubleshooting
43. Button Pushing
44. Computer Dismantling and Recycling
45. Email Setup
46. Cabling Replacing
47. Computer & Internet Best Usage Practices Training
48. Disk Cleanup
49. Disk Defragmentation
50. Solid State Harddrive Installation and Configuration


Most the computer repair we do happens locally, either in house or in your house. But did you know that we have capability to provide quick and secure remote support? With your consent, we can offer to connect up to your own Windows or Mac computer and troubleshoot the issue it’s giving you. We may be able to fix it right then or we can determine if you need to bring in the machine for further diagnosis. Obviously, not all computer issues can be fixed with remote support. If you’re having internet issues, for example, well, you probably need to bring in the computer for that or schedule an In Home Service Call. Hardware upgrades and such also need to be done in our office.

We aim to be super transparent with all our services. We’ll tell you how much the repair will cost before we do any work and sometimes, depending on the situation, we don’t even charge you if we can’t fix it!

Are you ready to get your computer’s issues squared away?


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