Swipe Navigation in iOS7 Mail

Cory iOS7

One of my favorite and welcomed features of iOS7 is the ability to swipe through my email and accounts. I use email on my iPhone 5 for work #1, work #2, and pleasure so I have 4 email accounts (gmail, email for Tech4Eleven, and 2 Microsoft exchange accounts). It’s common for my email conversations to have many, many threads and in iOS6 it was always a pain to hit the back button to go all the way back to my accounts when I was drilled down deep into a conversation. Earlier this year I jailbroke my iphone and gained the ability to easily swipe through my emails. Then iOS7 came out and I wanted it in all its glory (and glitches) so jailbroken it is no longer. Now in the latest update to Apple’s OS, we can swipe through our emails! It’s a little wonky at times and will probably get better with practice, but after you figure out how to purposely execute the gesture, I’m sure you’ll never go back.

While in your email, touch the very far outside left side of the screen and drag it to the right. You’ll see the page behind revealed. Don’t stop there! You can keep swiping backwards all the way to your account list. Of course swiping the other way on an email now gives you the ability to delete it, move it and more.




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