Apple’s OSX Lion is Out

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OK, it’s old news for sure, but Apple’s latest and best operating system is out for downloading. But only downloading. If you haven’t heard already, you can’t buy the $29.99 OS in stores and you can expect that will be the trend with future releases from said Mac company. Since Apple’s debut of the Mac App Store (available on Snow Leopard and now Lion), the California company has been porting all software to the new online store. Apple even discontinued their dreaded software downloads page on (Dreaded because you couldn’t search that inventory to save your life. Makes having the App store that much more enjoyable). So gear up for an all nighter of downloading some software! Oh sucks to be you if you’re on dial up (what!) or if you live in parts of the world which cap internet users at low bandwidth usage – it’s a whopping 4Gs (and can only be downloaded from the Mac App store- if that wasn’t clear already). BUT, if you’re patient, you may be able to buy OSX Lion on a thumb drive from sometime this August, well, that’s the rumor anyway.

As it’s been told, after you wait the very long wait it is for Lion to download, uh, you can install it, of course. But once you do, the install will disappear. So, it’s recommended that you follow’s procedure for burning Lion to a DVD or USB drive. Then you’ll have it forever, or at least until the shelf live of your media expires.

There are over 250 brand new, shiny features to OSX Lion. (Doesn’t anybody else think it amazing that a full on operating system from Apple only comes in at $29.99? Microsoft? Where are you on this one? Oh, still behind. Trying to fend off all those viruses? Ok.)

There are a few features, that stand out among the whole, that I am eager to get my fingers on. (Ya, I haven’t actually purchased the new OS as of yet but….that’s coming after my RAM upgrade on my poor little 2008 Macbook Pro.)

1. Apple Mail – Apple’s adaptation of Mail on the iPad. As an iPhone 4 user, I sometimes prefer to use my iphone for emails over using the Mac so if new Mail for Mac is that good, it should be winner.
2. Address Book – In the same light, I am looking forward to the new Address Book redesign and integration with Facetime.
3. AutoSave
4. Airdrop
5. Electronic Distribution – Why am I excited about this when it sounds so dorky? Because, with OSX Lion – purchase it once and install on all your Macs (another reason to buy more Macs?). From Apple:


See now why it's cool?

You can read over ALL 250+ features of OSX Lion from Apple’s website.

With other cat out of the bag for more than a few days now, Apple lovers are either more in love or turning a sad face to the new OS release. Either way, I think it’s clear that since Apple’s mobile devices are “ruling the air” and pockets of people all over the world, they’ve taken that experience to the desktop, changing the way people compute, work and live. I think we’ll be seeing more from Apple in the future. This company’s here to stay.