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LOGOsmallTech4Eleven is not just a great tech blog, bringing the best in tutorials, fixes, and reviews, it’s also a computer repair and web design business based in Rapid City, South Dakota. Tech4Eleven formally started serving clients in early 2010 with the desire to help people with their technology needs. A year later and it’s already a well established business, growing with new clients all the time. Tech4Eleven is certainly not your “fly-by-day” business. It offers premium tech support both locally and remotely, servicing PCs and Macintosh computers with software and hardware issues. That’s right. I might service more PCs than I do Macs, but I love to work on Macs and have repaired my fair share of them already.

From the most mundane repair to the most technical, Tech4Eleven handles them all.

The offerings of Tech4Eleven are not all geek however. The second half of this business is creative. Graphic design such as logos, flyers, business cards, and screen printing designs to web development consulting, design, coding, and hosting are complimented by the technical skills offered by Tech4Eleven. Web design greatly expands the reach of Tech4Eleven’s impact, being able to offer designs to people around the world, not just here in the Black Hills of Rapid City. I use the best in WordPress development, using only premium themes and plugins to give users the look and feel they never imagined. Once the site is live, my clients have the choice of having me manage their site or they can choose to be trained on how to update the content for themselves, paving their own way for a grabbing web experience. And WordPress makes it so easy. On top, systems are always being developed to help make my web client’s experience even better, even after their website is created.

With another year ahead, I am excited to meet the people and businesses I will be able to help with their computer and design needs. Rapid City is a great place to have a computer repair and web design company. The people are friendly and there is always room to grow a steady technology base.

If you get a chance, be sure to visit the other sections of this website, including the PORTFOLIO and TESTIMONIALS pages.

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