Life in a Computerized Age

Cory Blog, Thoughts

We’re all moving, living, and operating around computers. Disks spin. Fans go ’round. Type type type. Send money. Buy goods. Surf. Browse. Crunch numbers. Crunchy keyboards. Blinking lights. Data zooming. Click click. Click.

It’s a busy world.

Set in the middle of a computer-revolving company, I see everybody and their mom pushing these buttons. There’s mister IT specialist over there – he knows everything about the tech-no-nimble, day to day operations. He can whiz a fancy computer term at ya so fast your head will spin. Ms. accountant knows how many cells vertical and how many horizontal are required to create her general ledger spreadsheet. She can form a cross-referenced average sum of A3 through Z141 using only a click of her mouse. Zing! Mrs. Marketing manager can combine colors like nobody’s business. Her digital palettes are all in a row. She’ll whip up an on the spot presentation for the board, send the copies to the printer, upload a video to the company intranet, and compress her PDFs for archiving on the server. She’s a world wonder. Board members, cash dispensing machines, clerks, construction workers – all using the computer.

Everybody’s movin’. Everybody’s groovin’.

It is this way now. All turning gears in this clock we call the world.

Still I see those who are, for a lack of a better term, behind. They punch keys like the rest of us but they couldn’t tell you what it all does. These are people who live at their computer from 8-5. And really, it’s fine. It’s fine they couldn’t tell you the difference between Microsoft Office and the operating system. It’s fine that RAM appears to be the same as harddrive space. It’s fine that “usb connector” makes more sense by saying “rectangular, thumb-sized slot.” I say, “There’s a better way to do it.” I hear “But it’s always been that way, but man, this is way better.”

When it comes down to it, it simply means, that although “everybody and their mom” are using computers, it still doesn’t make much sense. I talk to people who have lived with a technology frustration for months, years – and “it’s always been that way.”

I enjoy talking to people about computers (hunny? Of course you agree.) But more enjoyably I like taking computer-users from point A to point B – making their jobs and lives easier by sending down the right information. Tricks, tips and tools can make the day to day key crunching easier, faster, more efficient. I figure, if you’re going to use these machines, you might as well get to know them- make them work for you, not against you. My philosophy is that all these things work for me – they do what I want them to do. That goes with any material good – new shoes, cars, gadgets, trinkets, computers – all do what they are built to do – serve. We all know of that person who’s just bought something so precious to them – they put it on the shelf and stare at it – all the while it wastes away – degrading it’s purpose for being created. The other side to my philosophy is that you gotta take care of it – for how can it serve you when it can’t function. But it sure can’t function for you if you don’t use it. And how can you use it well, if you don’t know it’s function.

We live in a computerized age, that’s a no-brainer. And while we can’t avoid it all together, we can make better use of it.  It’s all about living well, efficiently.

Since my readers tend to be on the side of the technically inclined, I encourage you to help – share your knowledge. One way is by doing that right here. If you’ve been wanting to write about what’s made your computer life easier, send me an email. I’d love to hear your tip. And it might even get featured on this site. Go ahead. Share the love.