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Over four million children in Ethiopia are without parents, left to sickness and death when people do not step in. That is why my wife and I have decided to adopt a child from Ethiopia. We have always wanted to adopt and there is no better time than the now. One is destined for us and we are destined for one.

We created to help spread the word about our journey. We’ve been pursuing it for just a couple weeks now and it’s been amazing to see the people, far and near, close and unknown, who have joined our story. Unselfish. Completely giving. Ever praying. People who care to help make a difference. My wife, Shannon, and I declared from the start that we cannot do this alone. The time, effort and resources it takes to bring our baby home are beyond us. We need backing.

So we put out a major undertaking – to get 300 absolutely amazing people who would each give $100. Reaching this goal would completely cover the costs required to make this adoption happen! So we call it 300forOne_Text

300 people to make a difference. A difference for one child.
To be with a family. Parents. Brothers. Sisters. Love.

4.3 Million Minus One.
One makes a big difference.
You can make a difference.

300 for One.

If you feel compelled to be apart of our story, please visit to learn more.