Raising an iMac from the Dead

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This is a story of a sick iMac and it’s quick recovery…don’t worry, there are pictures….

I was recently asked to fixed a Mid2007 aluminum iMac. The user reported that it wouldn’t turn on anymore. I immediately did some basic troubleshooting to determine what the heck was going on….check the power cable, the outlet (ya, no brainers- but ya gotta check the obvious first). Next, reset the power management, zap the PRAM- very basic stuff here. After all that provided nothing but a flat line, I turned to the 3 “Ws” for some good old fashioned research. Supposedly, a 2-3 year old iMac with a dead power supply is not completely uncommon.

I have to take a time out here – “What? You mean Macs are not indestructible? says conniving PC guy. Well, no. Macs are still computers with tiny, fragile parts. Although built with more design-in-mind than their counterpart, Macs are still susceptible to injury, and in the case of our iMac here in this tale, a heart transplant.

With the new power supply (PSU) in hand, a brand new dentist tool-like spudger set in my pocket protector, and a set of super strength suction cups, I began the surgery.

Getting to the innards of a Mid2007 iMac is done by removing the layers. In high speed, it goes like this:
1. Remove glass front with suction cups (it’s just held on with magnets)

2. Remove front aluminum casing
3. Remove LCD panel
4. You’re in

What a technical tutorial, right? Well, it’s more of an art. With a PC, just pop off the side panel and you’re in, but PCs are pasted together with scotch tape and elmer’s glue. In the newer Macs, there’s time and intention behind the form factor. With any electrical component though, regardless of brand name or reputation, you have to know what you’re doing.

So after taking out all the screws (it felt like) and placing them in my ultra high tech egg carton screw container, then replacing the PSU and putting all the screws back in, we were in good luck. The happy ending to this story is the chime the machine made after buttoning it up and turning it on. Seeing that Apple(TM) as she booted up from the darkness, was like a Mike’s Peach Cobbler sundae on a hot summer evening.

Take a look at these amazing pictures and see how the iMac went from dead to alive in just a matter of time.