Get with Site5: Webhosting with Loads of Features

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Among the available web hosting and domain registration companies out there, Site5 stands strong and firm, offering loads of features, stable servers, and great prices.

When you’re shopping around for a web hosting company, you want to know 1) What do you offer? and 2) How much do you want me to pay? So we’ll start there first. With Site5, you can expect:

Package Range: $4.95-$11.95/m

Space: All packages offer Unlimited disk space

Bandwidth: All packages offer Unlimited bandwidth

Domains: Site5 plans do not come with a free domain name (like other companies do, such as…that is without using a promo code…) but they only charge $8.88 for standard domain registration- way cheaper than fatcow’s $20 or even bluehost’s $10 fee.

Websites: Basic=1, Pro & Pro+Turbo=Unlimited websites that you can create

Extra: All come with email, backups, free website migration and 99.9% guaranteed uptime

I created a portfolio site,, built with WordPress, on Site5’s HOSTPRO + TURBO plan. It was so easy to set up and launch my site. I bought my domain, changed the name servers to site5’s, and it appeared in the “SiteAdmin.” One the nice features with Site5’s hosting is the “backstage” where you can manage every feature with your site(s). If you have one site, you can manage it with the “SiteAdmin.” If you manage multiple websites, you can manage them by clicking on the “MultiAdmin” tab (a feature other hosts should adapt, no doubt). And with backstage, you can easily backup and restore your entire home folder or database. There’s really no guess work there.

Site5 uses a 3rd party tool called “Fantastico” to install your scripts, like wordpress or joomla. This wasn’t overly clear when I first started out, so it gave me a chance to use Site5’s livechat feature. A tech responded quickly and pointed me in the right direction. Certainly an A+ there.

My site has had no down time since I started building it and it’s always been fast – a relief from other web hosts I’ve had who fail to connect during a plug-in upgrade or, even worse, a wordpress upgrade. I think what makes Site5 is very good web host, besides the price, stability and speed, if the user-friendliness. And they don’t make their backend so boring and geeky. They use design to help you navigate – namely by the top tab bar. Site5 offers an attractive affiliates (pay per referral) program. Just copy any of the given codes into your sidebar or elsewhere and watch the money roll in as your visitors sign up with Site5’s fantastic services! You can’t loose.

So get started with Site5 by clicking on the banner below!