Tech4Eleven Re-Visit: Album Art Screen Saver

Cory Blog, Tech4Eleven Re-Visit

To celebrate my 100th post, I’d like to revisit a blast from the past…

Written on December 8th 2007, the “pre-owned mac-me” wrote about how I envied Mac’s album art screen saver – you know the one that fills your screen with tiny images of all your album’s cover art and flips them in random order in such the mesmerizing fashion that it is. And such was my luck that day that, though buried deep in the cracks of a nameless forum, I stumbled upon a Mac-like album art screen saver for Windows, no less. Such that I did that day, I uploaded it to my Skydrive for, not only safe keeping, but for global sharing.

Click over to the original post: AlbumArtScreenSaver and dl yourself a copy of this little app (ya, windows users only).