Snap windows with Cinch

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Disclaimer: Although in my day job I work with PCs, I am Mac guy through and through (thanks to my wife). With the release of Windows 7, however, there are a few features which I wish OSX had. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone.

Built into Windows 7, you can quickly drag a window to the right edge of your screen and it will “snap to” the edge, and fill up half of the entire screen. Swish another window to the left and it does the same on that side. Now you have two windows which you can review the contents of  side by side. Dragging the window to the top edge makes it maximized. Have multiple windows open and only want to see one? In Windows 7, click on the very top of that Window and quickly move the mouse back and forth, creating a shaking-window motion. It scrubs all other windows away- leaving you with just one. Pretty nice, hu?

Irradiatedsoftware makes a small menu app called Cinch which does almost all the same things. It makes it easy to compare two windows, to drag and drop files between two windows, and to see a window maximized really quickly. The best demo you can see before installing is the screencast found on their main site:

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