Macgyver your keyboard with Keytweak

Cory Blog, Software

I recently had a co-worker ask me if it were possible to change a key on her keyboard to be something else, something more convenient for her daily spreadsheet handling. I went straight to Google and found Keytweak (for Windows)- the macgyver of all keyboard remapping tools. Why? Because it’s simple- almost DIY.

All you have to do, after installing it, is follow the directions in the screenshot below: Choose the key you want to remap (or replace), then choose what key will take its place, then click “remap key.” Restart your computer and you’re done. Note that this change will effect everyone on that computer…which can be a funny little April fools gag.

A good use for this, in this person’s instance, is that since she works with the keypad and excel alot, there’s no tab on that side of the keyboard to quickly move cells with the same hand. So she changed the asterisk key to be her new tab button. And she said it was easy. Who would have thought?

How to remap keys using KeyTweak