Clone(zilla) your HDD for Quick Recovery

Cory Blog, Software

An oldy but a goody in the world of system backups.

I’ve recently stumbled across Clonezilla as an effective way to not only backup the current state of your harddrive by way of imaging it, but, in my everyday use, an effective way to image and deploy other systems.

I recently setup my Time Capsule on my home network and started using Data backup 3 as a way to copy selected folders to my network drive, but lately I have been pondering about, essentially, taking a shot of the current state of my mac’s HDD, just in case something went terribly wrong. With Clonezilla, I can capture that current state onto my Time Capsule (or other media) and keep it for safe storage.

When you create an image of your disk, you’re creating an exact clone of its current state. This might be more useful in the Windows world. Generally it takes me a good 2-3 hours to reformat a Windows PC, install all the drivers and software I want. Such a time consuming task would be minimized later with Clonezilla when I get a virus or junk up the registry from all my testing. Just deploy and I’m back to where I want to be. This really is an easy backup system. Anyone can follow it, and better yet, it works on Windows, Linux and Mac.

So here’s the rundown:

Download the .iso of Clonezilla live and burn it to a CD.
Open this procedure and follow the steps I’ve outlined (with Screen shots)

If you want more information, like how to prepare a PC for first-use deployment using Sysyprep…
see (my favorite)
or, if you’re not totally brain dead, How Sysprep Works.