Give Firefox that Sweet Look of Today

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The default theme for Firefox has made some nice improvements over the years but it may still seem a little drab in today’s advancing Web 2.0 world. If you haven’t got your theme on, then click over to Firefox’s Addon Site where you can add a million different appearance tweaks or utilities. But if you’re an avid Firefox user, even a little bit, you can know you can customize the heck out it (unlike poor, sad internet explorer).

When I started using FF years ago, I loaded all sorts of themes and addons to it, trying to make it faster, sleeker, blacker, and safer. But not only did it slow it down (trying to load all the tweaks) it became reminiscent of a nice looking car plastered with bumper stickers. It was probably during the same era when it was “cool” to sow patches on your pants or glue them to your back pack. Nonetheless, I found it much more simple to run Firefox as is, or maybe with one or two add ons. To date, I run 1 addon and 1 theme. For the addon or extension, I use IETab which lets me run IE inside Firefox (’cause some websites at work don’t like any else but IE). For the theme I happened upon Stata40 thanks to this article by Lifehacker.

Strata40 gives Firefox that sweet look of today. On XP, it’s sleek and silver. This theme is said to reflect the rumored design of FF 4.0. If you want to make it look and behave more than the expected coming version, the developer advises to install a few apps found on the addon page. Make sure to check out at least the theme. I like it more and more every day.

Strata4.0 Firefox Theme

Strata4.0 Firefox Theme