Another Cat’s Outta the Bag: Apple iPad

Cory Blog, Mac

It’s everywhere now, Apple’s new iPad. 10 inches of Apple quality design and interface goodness. And relatively cheap @ only $499 for the Wi-Fi only 16GB model with the most expensive model @ $829 for the 3G 64GB. Not too shabby. Steve Jobs claims that it’s the best browsing experience you’ve ever had. And it must be if you can pack all that Apple usually packs into their hardware. There’s even a new version of iWork for the iPad.

The iPad: 10″, 1.5 lbs, multitouch of course, bluetooth, wifi, speaker, mic, accelerometer, 10-hours of battery life, and runs all iphone apps.
Availability:  2 Months! Just enough time for me to save up some cash.


Steve Jobs Shows Off iPad today at Apple Event

Although Jobs claims that you can easily type on it, he also introduced the iPad dock.

ipad dock

iPad dock

And just when you thought the “iBook” was dead, Apple brings an application for the iPad called “iBooks” for reading ebooks. Just check out this picture.


iPad iBooks

For more information, check out Macworld’s live coverage or Appleinsider. But really, even if you don’t want to hear about the iPad, you will. Trust me.