More on Pandora: Widget in Dashboard

Cory Blog, Web

One of Safari’s “hidden” features (on Mac) is the ability to essentially take any part of a webpage and create a widget in dashboard. Listening to Pandora at home tonight, I wanted a way to listen without a browser window being open, like you can with Open Pandora on Windows (see Get Past Pandora’s Listening Limit for more information). I was reading the reviews of a certain program which can do this when one of the users suggested scrapping downloading a dashboard widget when you can create your own using Safari. I can’t reference him like a blogger’s article, but essentially, he wrote:

The easiest way to do this is to open your Pandora account in Safari, log in, and let it start playing. Go to the taskbar at the top of your screen, while Safari is active. You will see ‘Safari’ next to the Apple symbol. Click File>Open in Dashboard… It will give you the option to select an area. I personally selected the entire field that has options (Row 1 with radio stations and active song, Row 2 with ‘about this music’ etc), because this allows me to have full Pandora functionality from within Dashboard. Now click ‘add’ (purple button in Safari 4, blue button in Safari 3.2.1). Dashboard opens with the new widget active. Click the little ‘i’ symbol in the lower right corner of your new Pandora widget, and uncheck ‘Only play audio in Dashboard’. This will keep Pandora playing in the background, even when Dashboard is not active.

No more explanation is needed. You can do this to pretty much anything else on the internet. In the screenshot of dashboard below, you’ll notice in the bottom right corner a list of mac keyboard symbols that I saved a while ago from some random website. Pretty sweet.

Dashboard with Pandora Embedded