Jolicloud OS Reviewed

Cory Blog, Web

These days with the expansion and tweaking of linux, operating systems are a dime a dozen. A few weeks ago, I reviewed Chrome OS, which Google built on linux, and I wrote how I was disappointed with it, mainly ’cause there’s next to nothing to it. Then I discovered Jolicloud this week via a post by Lifehacker: Jolicloud Netbook OS Is a Bit Like Chrome OS with Awesome Desktop Applications. I downloaded the disk image and the usb creator application so that I could test the OS out my flash drive. Unfortunately, the install didn’t work on my Mac using a 1G card. So I went with Parallels, much like I did with Chrome.

With Jolicloud you get the benefits of a fast, internet ready OS, but also a desktop, file system, preferences, and ability to install your favorite apps. The GUI was rather simple and easy to navigate. I browsed through the admin panel and system preferences and found what you’d expect in a typical computer system, plus some. Jolicloud has built in remote desktop capabilities-XP Home edition doesn’t even have that! I doesn’t come installed with any sort of office apps, but with free tools like Google Docs, you’re set regardless (or you could try OpenOffice).

Typical “desktop” icons are replaced with a small row of icons at the top left which tell you which applications/windows are open (see the screenshots). It comes loaded with a bunch of screensavers (very 90s type screensavers, but still). There are all sorts of preferences you can tweak, just like you’re use to, such as windows, colors, power management, shortcuts, sounds, and startup items. The list goes on. All in all, it was pretty nice. I think it’s going to compete really well in the netbook world. One thing, I did notice that a few minutes in, my keyboard stopped working. Eh, all well. It’s still beta. And it’s linux, so it’s virus free. So see the gallery of screenshots below for more details. And see the post at for more great screenshots and information.