Hulu, You’re So Funny

Cory Blog, Web

Since my wife and I recently cut the cable in our house, we’ve been watching our favorite shows like The Office, and recently, V, on Hulu. I really like Hulu, for now-unpaid. Even at standard definition, the videos look clearer than, say, on The website is simple and easy to use. Of course I like their full screen ease and “Lower lights” option, which “dims” everything but the video. But I really don’t need to go into detail about it.

There’s one extra special thing that just tickles my silly really. While most of my Hulu watching is commercial suppressed, Hulu REALLY wants to make sure I watch what the advertisers have paid for me to watch. So when something goes “wrong” and the commercial cannot be played, I rejoice and Hulu politely asks me to contact support so they can help me get the commercials working again. Say what? Yes. You’ve probably seen this. They’ve gotta be nuts.

hulu error