XP Desktop Icon Annoyance

Cory Blog, Windows


Sometimes the icons on your desktop will have color behind them, making it SO 1990. And its really not obvious how to change this so there’s NO color, or so that it’s transparent. These tips are all over the internet, but I’ve collected two main fixes here.

First: Go to this path: Control Panel> System> Advanced Tab> Settings button under Performance> and make sure “Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop” is CHECKED.

Second: Right click on some blank space on the desktop, mouse over “Arrange Icons by” and UNCHECK “Lock web items on the desktop.”

Simple and effective tutorial, but hey when you’re staring at an ugly desktop, a fix like this is a life saver from going crazy.

If you have a trick of your own or a tip you’ve  found useful, we would love to hear it.