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I’m all about sharing things I find useful,  so writing about this little post about this little app fits right in line.

At work, I have all my desktop icons arranged exactly how I want them-“minimally” really, because I hate a cluttered desktop. But every now and then I am working away from my desk, thus need to remote into my computer to get something or to multitask, whatever. Since my desk PC has dual monitors (and icons on each) when I remote in, all the icons move into one screen. So when I’m back at my desk, my icons are all out of whack.

I found a little piece of software from a guy who hated rearranging his icons every time his monitor changed resolutions (same kinda thing). After installing Desktop Restore, three choices are added to the  contextual menu when you right click on the desktop: Save Desktop, Restore Desktop, or Custom Save/Restore. Pretty simple. Get your desktop icons how you want them, right click, Save Desktop, Kabam! Messed up icons on your desktop? No worries. Right click, Restore Desktop.

Three Choices Added to Right Click Menu

Three Choices Added to Right Click Menu

If you’ve found something just as simple that you’d like to share, go ahead and leave at least a link to it in the comments.

Lead image by Md.Monirul Islam (Monir)