Sync BookMarks Across Browsers

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Today at work I really wanted to find a way to sync my Firefox bookmarks with the IE8 Favorites. I figured you could do this with Dropbox but all the stuff I was reading only explained syncing FF profiles, which is not something I wanted to do, just bookmarks.

I have to mention first though that I love Firefox on my PC at work. But I use it with the IE Tab add-on which lets me run Internet Explorer INSIDE of Firefox. I do this because some of the sites I use here nearly always require IE. I recently upgraded to IE8 which is a huge step up for a Microsoft browser. It tends to handle tabs and transparencies much better than previous versions. Ok, so I still have to check certain things with IE by itself, like SharePoint for instance, so I can see how everyone else at work will see the site, etc.

Thus using two browsers, I wanted the bookmarks to BE the same and REMAIN the same on each. So a little Googling resulted in a post from My Digital Life explaining the whole lot using XMarks browser addon. Really it’s simple. Using Firefox, download and install the addon. Then create an account and follow the steps in the setup wizard to sync your bookmarks to the XMarks server. Then in IE, download the installer and run it, continuing through the wizard again and logging into your new XMarks account and sync.  Bam! The bookmarks/favorites are synced.

I am SO glad it was that easy. I am happy to announce that this works for Safari as well and on nearly any operating system. So check it out.