Steer Mouse: More functionality for your mouse

Cory Blog, Hardware, Mac

My wife got me a Mighty Mouse for my birthday last year and it’s been just a huge help. I have recently started using as a clicker it to control keynote for Sunday gathering presentations. Yeah, I can sit anywhere I want in the coffee shop and advance slides (up to 30 feet away). The mouse is super nice for working on details of graphics, web editing, or just browsing around or creating a file. I really don’t have any qualms against it. I MIGHT be able to make a fuss about how it doesn’t really in any way form to the shape of your hand….but I don’t want to be a complainer for now reason. It’s a solid piece of peripheral hardware.

It can do quite a lot out of the designer box. It looks like it has no buttons, just a ball on top. But actually, it has a left click, right click, two side buttons, and a 360 degree scroll wheel. All that and plus being bluetooth-no weirdly placed dongles or usb-s. By the built in software, you can assign the buttons to do all sorts of things. Like button 4 (the left side button) can be used to open dashboard, or expose, or show the desktop. But what it can’t do is browse backwards in a browser.

SteerMouse can add pretty much add any command, application launching, or shortcut you want to the buttons on your mouse…like adding “back” to the side button. And it just doesn’t work with the Mighty Mouse; you can use

it on any usb mouse plugged into your mac. Steermouse did what I wanted it to do, but it moved the cursor to a dialog box’s default button, which I didn’t like, and didn’t want to take the time to figure out how to turn off, so I stopped using it. It felt like erratic mouse movements, though it might have just been a setting. Regardless, if you need added functionality to your mac mouse, SteerMouse is for you.

You can get a copy of SteerMouse by visiting my Skydrive, with all sorts of nice free apps.