Snow Leopard Release

Cory Blog, Mac

Flooding the internet is Apple’s announcement that they will be releasing the final version of Snow Leopard THIS Friday instead of next month as previously said. The update is only for Intel Macs with some other system requirements and will only be $29!

Some of the cool things Snow Leopard will provide are a 64 bit platform, allowing faster response times, Quicktime X, bigger icon views, a rebuilt Finder and iChat, HTF+ read support, so people with Windows (7) via Boot Camp can read the rest of the Mac formatted HDD, added Preview functions, and much more. Make sure to check it out and post back here if you DO upgrade…let us know how it went.

Also check out Lifehackers review of OS X 10.6

UPDATE: Not even two weeks after the huge Snow Leopard (10.6) release, 10.6.1 has been released. No new features but some good patches and security updates. Not a whole lot of news on app compatibility issues.