SFC Lightweight Champion of the PC

Cory Blog, Troubleshooting

SFC sounds like a wrestling division. But it’s not. It’s actually one of my new favorite PC troubleshooting tools… built into to every Windows computer, which is always my favorite. When something is “goofy” (technical term) with the PCs that I work on, at some point I usually will open up a command prompt (Start>Run>cmd) and bust out a fancy c:sfc /scannow.  Of course I have to plug in the PCs original install disc so that while the system checks for the validity of its system files, it has something to check against. It’s a simple and effective troubleshooting tool. Little hype.  Loads of power…if there’s a problem. Plus it really eliminates “one thing it could be.”

Some of my other command prompt favorites are IPCONFIG, of course, for finding a machine’s IP address; TRACERT, for finding the path an internet connection takes to a specific URL*, and using the Recovery Console, FIXBOOT, for repairing the boot.ini file; and FIXMBR, for rebuilding the Master Boot Record.


*If you’re wondering about an example path for TRACERT, below is the path or routers my computer at work in Rapid City, SD takes in order to get to this site, tech4eleven.com:


TRACERT command: 1 being start and 14 being finish