About: New Page and How I Did It

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UPDATE: Because of the new theme, I have removed the “About” page to which this post refers and am using the default About page, but have decided to keep this post as a tutorial on how it can be done.

Click on “About” in the menu bar and you’ll be taken to the new static about me page. About Me pages are all the rave these days. Mine, although a little elementary yet, actually has some sweet stuff going on with it. Here’s how it all happened…

For a few weeks now I’ve wanted to create a  static “page” for my about me section-something I could design a little bit more than just creating a page using wordpress, which is really just in the post. I’ve been using Freeway Pro from Softpress to create VintageDoula.com so I powered it up once again and started creating my new page. Freeway will save the files and codes in a package specifically designed for the program, but inside the folders, I grabbed out the index.html file once I was finished creating it. Images inside Freeway Pro are stored inside the Resources folder, a folder I would not upload via FTP, so I needed to manually move the images over, grab the url and plug the path into the code using an free editing tool called Smultron (highly recommended). Saved and uploaded to the root directory of my FTP, I then linked to it using a super great tutorial. Let me summarize this tutorial:

Turn a WordPress Page Into a Link:

By default, in WordPress, you can create any page you want and it will appear in the menu at the top of your page. This page and its link are created dynamically and are hard to find in the code. So if you want to link to some other page in your menu without searching through all the code for it, you can create a file called redirect.php.

First, get a text editor, like Smultron for Mac, or any of these php editors, and type in this code:


Save it as Redirect.php and upload it to your WordPress themes folder. Then go to where you can add/edit a WordPress page. Type in a title like “About Me” and simply add the address of the link you want that page to go to in the body of the post. Now, look to the right side in wordpress and notice that in the drop down menu for Templates, you have one called Redirect. Select that and Publish or Update the Page. That’s it. It works like a charm.

To copy and paste the code, go to the site.

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