Moving to Greener Pastures +w Really Big Fat Cows [or] How MonthsForever became

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Interesting that THIS post follows the post Get the 411 because has become Monthsforever was created with the goal of not just writing about technological items and such, but also about music, art, and life in general. But if you’ve followed me these last few years, you really haven’t seen much of that other stuff, which is sad, but it was telling that I really enjoy writing about geeky stuff. And to do that better and more efficiently, I needed my blog hosted elsewhere.

I’m using, which I was excited to use since I’ve read a lot about them in MacWorld and MacLife magazines. The cost is supreme at $59 a year but they also provide unlimited bandwidth and disk use. WordPress was  easy to install once I navigated around a bit…but they did cause me some grief at first; I have to be honest. Right away, when trying to go to my site as well as the backend, I kept getting Server errors. Their customer support has always been super nice; they even called me personally to welcome me to fatcow web hosting. But this issue dragged on for days and was frustrating trying to set up anything on the new site. Finally, this week they got it ironed out and I haven’t had any problems. I felt bad for getting a little upset at them, being a tech support specialist myself; I realize some solutions aren’t as apparent as you wish them to be.

With the new site I am mostly excited about un-throttled code editing capabilities, embedding videos, customization, better stats, and control– let’s face it. Did I mention design? Oh yeah, and design. I use to blog at by the same name, and rarely regretted the move to a hosted site. The times I did were when it came to backend editing, namely code, and design, which is related. It’s amazing to me that will make you pay to have those capabilities, when in a competing market, Google (blogspot) takes the cake. But really, let’s be honest, Google is a massive tsunami and I’m riding the wave all the way in…ok, besides having switched from a google hosted blog to a wordpress one.

So update your RSS feed, and change your bookmarks, because is now going to offer WAY more of that good ol tech goodness, yes, right before your eyes (special effects and camera tricks included).