Digital Coloring

Cory Blog, Software

Ok, I’m no proclaimed graphic artist, but with what I do create, I often need to use certain colors that are placed here or there on my screen and I’m not sure what the color is “called.” On my mac, the DigitalColor Meter is built in. It lets me navigate over any color on any window on my desktop. It then shows me the decimal or hexadecimal value of that pixel which I can use to input into say, photoshop or even Pages of iWork. It’s quick, clean, and easy.

So, when I’m at work and I’m dealing with graphics say for placing in SharePoint, well, there’s nothing like DCM built in. Figures for Windows-those geeky number pushers. But I figured there HAD to be something as quick and easy for my non-mac counterpart.   I found an app rightly named ColorPic.

ColorPic, like DigitalColor Meter will choose a color of any pixel on your screen. Press Ctrl+G to lock it in and input the RBG numbers into another program to get an exact color match on Windows, like Gimp. This works really well for desktop colors and web colors alike. ColorPic is free, which is always good, and it lets you do more than DCM does. You can obtain the CMYK values, the 6 digit web color code, and more. It’s pretty darn sweet.