How I roll. (syncing calendars)

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Syncing calendars may not be your forte, but if you want to stay connected to your schedule at home, at work, and perhaps, at play, then you may want to keep reading.

If you read anything here, you know I nearly always explain the Mac side of life and mention briefly that the same procedure is possible (perhaps) on Windows. Well, I’m not going to throw any surprises your way today. So here’s how to sync, in this instance, your Outlook calendar, say, at work, with your iCal calendar on your sweet Mac back at your pad.

Until they come up with an easy way to direct sync, we need to sync with Google calendar. I know, one extra step and who uses internet apps anyway on the browser when everything’s making the move to the desktop? Well, we are. And it’s easy. First, not in any particular order, we make sure we have Google calendar enabled in our list of wonderful Google apps. Then we’re going to set up our Mac. Thanks to for the run through, (and the borrowed image- please don’t hate me, it’s late) I’ll explain the details here as well.

Step 1: Download Calaboration on your Mac. Ah, thanks Google. You’re so nice for cutting out the hard work. We love you. You may also want to take a look at the Lifehacker link above to see how to manually add the connection from Google cal to iCal.

Now that you have that synced, or know how to get it synced, we need to connect outlook and gcal.

Step 2: Download Google Calendar Sync on your Windows machine. Geez, thanks again Google for being so sweet. In the options, choosing 2-way sync is a must. (And for those who question this utilities capabilities of syncing Outlook on a Exchange server, the answer is Yes, it works seamlessly (on Exchange 2003)).

That’s really it. Like I said, it’s easy. You’ll just have to play around with it. I sought out this procedure ’cause I wanted a way to see my work calendar at home and syncing on Google is a way because I can also view my calendar anywhere. The only issue which still stands is 2 way syncing has some flaws right now. But it works. Thanks CalDAV. Thanks