Quick Dial to VoiceMail

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I hated entering in my so secretive password on my cellular every time I needed to check my voicemail, so I fixed it. Now it’s all automated. I call my voice mail number and it patches me straight into my messages. Why is there the password anyway? I mean are my messages SO secret that I need to encrypt them? Come on.

Here’s how to make a quick call into your messages…

Go to your contacts and select the voicemail number (on Verizon, it’s pre-programmed in as *86). Get to where you can edit the number and after the number, enter in at least one pause (P) [found in a menu within the edit contact window], then enter your password. Save. Now when you call to check your messages, the phone will dial the number, wait (or pause), then enter your password.
You can do this for just about anything. Just try it out and you’ll work out the kinks. So I did this too for my work extension. I have a couple different pauses in different places for that one. The number looks something like this:
Nice hu?