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I have been using Windows XP everyday since the beginning of March, where before I was strictly Mac. I grew up being a big Windows user and thought I knew it inside and out. Then just last year I made the switch. Now I’m two faced. I use both all the time. And recently, having gained embraced all sorts of new and old Windows shortcuts, began to wonder “If I can do this on Windows, how can I do that on the Mac?”

On XP, y0u can Windows+R and get to the RUN command. From there, for instance, you can type in “cmd” to open the command prompt, then “ipconfig” to view some network configurations, such as your IP address. Yeah, Du. Or @ RUN you can type in “notepad” to open, well, the Notepad. Type in “control appwiz.cpl” to get right to the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. Type in “C:” to go to the harddrive or continue to type in the path to the folder, press Enter, and you’re there. There are many more commands you execute, if you want to.

But what about Mac? How do I do this?

I HAVE to mention that Mac makes it a million times easier to do everything Windows can do. (If you can point to where I’m wrong, PLEASE, let me know).

On the Mac (OSX Leopard and some Tiger), Command+Space Bar will open Spotlight. Let’s follow the order above for Windows and view our Mac IP Address. So, CMD+SpaceBar, type “network” and press enter. Wallah! Network Configurations. In Spotlight, type in Pages, or Word (if installed), KaBoom! There it is. I could bore you with everything you can do with spotlight, and I will to follow, but what Mac’s getting at is, no funky wording like “msinfo32” for system info or “mmsys.cpl” for Sounds and Audio settings. Just type what the heck you wanna do in place English, and hit Enter. I mean, why not? Shouldn’t everything be that simple?!

More on Spotlight…Picture 1

Spotlight is super powerful. In Windows, to search for a file, you have to click Start>Search>select the drive>File or Folder>name of file and Begin. On Mac, just type it in Spotlight and it auto-populates before your eyes. Spotlight can do Math, look up words in the dictionary, search files, search web history, launch applications, submit advance searches and more. Spotlight is incredibly useful. Personally, I don’t even use the Finder anymore.

How do you use your mac? Write in and let us know…