Zamzar- For Fast Effective Relief

Cory Blog, Web

Zamzar just saved my life today…well not in the literal sense, but figuratively.

At work I created some documents for a fall Program for one of my co-workers but I created them in InDesign, which was awesome. But what wasn’t awesome was today when I’m getting ready to transfer jobs and tie up things here, I needed to give said documents to her for her records, but of course she doesn’t have InDesign, she has Word (boo). I thought the only way to do this was to give her PDFs of the documents (via Mac’s built in PDF creating capabilities). Another way I figured was to download a demo of this file conversion tool (forgot the name) and yes it converted my .pdf to .doc, but with terrible results.

A quick Google search for “pdf to doc conversion” brought to the front of the line. I’ve heard of Zamzar but wasn’t sure about it. So I tried it out.

I uploaded my pdf, selected that I wanted a .doc (among many other choices), typed in my email, and submitted my request. A few minutes later, an email from Zamzar with my newly converted document. And to my surprise, the file was 99.9% intact to the original. So, Zamzar is awesome.

If I had to pick a fight with this online conversion tool, it would be that I wish it made all the graphics in the document separate objects instead of grouping them all together as one image. But it sure makes an easy day when you don’t have to recreate your documents.