Free Space. Get it Now!

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Mostly Mac: There are many ways to free up space on your hard drive, on mac, your “start up disk.” Let me point out a few:

There are many other easy and in-depth ways to get back your harddrive, but I want to draw attention to a little app called Monolingual. Monolingual is a program for removing unnecessary language resources from Mac OS X. If you only speak English, why do you need Polish, or some obscure language files taking up space on your disk? Well, you don’t. If your like me, your operating system came pre-installed on your system, so you didn’t have the chance to choose what was originally installed, like languages. But thanks to Monolingual, and thanks to for the tip, you can save 100’s if not 1000’s of megabytes by removing every language you don’t need.

I just ran it, and although it took like a half hour and made me late for work, I was able to gain back 4 Gees Baby! Check it out.

Let me know how you maintain YOUR computer.