IE for FF

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Since I started my new job, I have been using windows and PCs more often. The sensation is kind of like when you go away to a distant country for a very long time, then return to the land of your fathers and revisit things that you now think were important to you before you left-it’s that instance of-[picking up an object] “oh, hmm…I think I used this once. i think this was important to me.” It’s distantly familiar-vaguely comprehensible.
My work place uses IE, of course. (They don’t know any better). But it’s not just that-nearly everything used corporately is built and used on Windows. So you almost have to get to know it. You almost have to use it. Hands down I use Firefox3 on my “personal” work computer, but I also have to use Office Outlook Web Access-it’s basically web-based outlook, but since day one, it never looked right on FF. It was missing certain features as well as some general aesthetic.

Never fear a quick Google search resulted in the following solution: IETab

IETab is a FF add-on which lets you choose which URL to open up in Internet Explorer, but it doesn’t necessarily open up the IE application. What it does is once you determine which URL to open with IETab, you click on that bookmark and it will open IE IN FF. Integration for the entire Nation. If what I’m sayin’ doesn’t make sense- try it out for yourself. It solved my issue to the max.