Be proficient with Microsoft Office Document Scanning

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Windows: Tucked away in a small crevice of your Window’s Start Menu resides a powerful, but otherwise relatively unknown tool.

Follow the path to Start>All Programs>Microsoft Office>Microsoft Office Tools>Microsoft Office Document Scanning and Whallah! – Power at your fingertips.

You have a paper, a project, a document, something with text on it, and you need to revamp-edit-rework it, but of course you don’t have the digital file. What’s a person to do? Well, luckily, you have a scanner and M.O. tools.

Open lid-place document on scanner-fireup up MODS-choose your preset-click “Scan” – and Whallah! again – One Scanned Document.

Now here is where the super powers come in…What you have before you looks like nothing more than a normal scanned, un-editable document. But, press the “convert to Word” button and the text in the scanned document opens up in Word and therego, you can edit, omit, add, reduce, reuse, refunctionate. You will loose your original formatting, but you really can’t complain since now you have regained/recreated a digital copy of your project where once it was lost to the wind. Whallah! Time Saver! Lifehacker!