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cheesy I know…

My favorite online software storage home Skydrive (skydrive.live.com) has recently upped the anty to 25 whopping gigs- that’s 20g’s of increased storage. Considering it’s all free, you can’t get a better deal. I like that it’s well organized and has an easy to use interface. It lets you place your files in predesigned folders (music, docs, etc) or create your own to suit your needs. Mine- software, of course. What’s more, you can add files to a publicly shared folder for friends, family members, or surfers to access-keeping your private goodies safe all the while. I’m really diggin’ it. Check it out.

In other tunes, here’s some sweet treats I’ve came across lately and wanted to share:

Quality software site: AddictDownload.com

Control itunes by waving at it: Fluidtunes

Best Graphic Sharing Site: Creativemyk

Drop it like it’s Hot with DropCopy (i.e. share files from mac2mac)