Tricks of the Trade: Current Mac Apps

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I’m always reading up on software, tips and tricks for computers. I even compiled a list of my most favorite software tools when I was deep in the Windows enviroment. But since I crossed over into the Macworld, I have a new list of current favorite apps.

Before I list what they are, I’d like to mention that I’ve been reading, among many:

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

iUseApple Blog

and, MacOSXHints

You can also find a list of other great resources in the “What I’m Reading” section found in the Tech Connections link to the right.

Here’s what I have on my system as of late:

(The following is also found in post: “More Software Means Productivity.” Updates in Red.)

AUDACITY for Mac – free sound editor/creator [came in super handy for my last video project]

THE FILTER – Music for your taste & itunes playlist creator

FROSTWIRE – Sounds and looks like Limewire-but better-P2P program with lightning speeds

MACTHERIPPER – free DVD ripper

HANDBRAKE – Rip DVDs into any format such as for use on ipod

ONYX – keep your Mac clean and maintained

TRANSMISSION – free bitTorrent downloader-crazy fast

iSHOWU – awesome screen capture [used all the time to record streaming video etc.]

FLIP4MAC – sometimes you can’t get away from Microsoft. Use this to play Windows Media on your Mac.

GIMMESOMETUNE – iTunes add on, fetch artwork, view lyrics, etc.

MPEGSTREAMCLIP – video converter

THE UNARCHIVER – unpack (unzip+) packages that exist in many formats

WIRETAP/PRO – great for recording system audio, line-in, streaming audio, or just about anything

SENUTI – iTunes backwards, this free program transfers your ipod files to your Mac

iTunes 8 w/Genius Playlist Creator – needs no explanation

Photoshop Elements 6 – also needs to explanation

DropCopy – awesome utility which provides a quick way to share files across your networked Macs

Tuneup – clean up data in itunes collection

Fotomagico – awesome slideshow creator for mac