If Today Was a Dollar

Cory Blog, Thoughts

If today was a dollar…I’d have fifty.

Earlier I had an interview at a local credit union, and it was a success.

New shirt. New tie. Clean pants. Trimmed beard.

Among the many Great things that aided in my good day, there was one small, maybe even unnoticed factor to my success… Polished Shoes.

After digging my black leather shoes out behind the vacuum in the closet, it was all too noticeable that my sneaks needed a fresh little squeak. But none polish did I have. Thanks to About.com’s “Frugal Living” section, one part lemon juice and two parts olive oil gave my dress shoes the needed attention they eventually got, which gave me an over all spic and span appearance. Thanks frugalliving.about.com. Thanks


Thanks to everyone who thought of me and my family during this time. We appreciate your love.