Be Choosy. Get Mozy.

Cory Blog, Software

I don’t have to write a huge article on saving your documents frequently and backing up your files often. There are plently of places for that. And if you’re a mac user, then you know a bit about Time Machine. Wouldn’t it be nice… keep an up-to-date copy of everything on your Mac and fly through space passed to retrieve a file or photo at any time. Yeah it would…if after you slap down a grand or two on a shiny new mac then another couple hundred on an external harddrive like a Time Capsule or Western Digital. Well, we all can’t be that sweet…even if we want to be.

My suggested backup plan? Backup what I think I need to and leave the rest to Hope. And I do this with Mozy. Now Mozy only offers 2Gs of free, unadalterated space, but what I like about it over alternatives like Skydrives 5Gs is it’s desktop backup application called “Mac Mozy Backup.” So today, I just backuped my Firefox bookmarks, Address Book, iCal and Pages docs. Also, since I’ve stock piled a good collection of photoshop brushes in my recent endevour to design sweet graphics, I knew I needed to backup my brushes folder…you know, just in case. So, I added a custom folder and backed ’em up. Now I AM sweet. Mozy is for Windows also, and in case you didn’t figure it out, I would have to say my second favorite backup utility is Windows Skydrive.

Now here’s a question for the masses:

Is it “backed up” or “backuped”?

In a sentence it would be:

“Janey backed up her files with Mozy and is now sweet.”


“Janey backuped her files with Mozy and is now sweet.”


Write in and let me know what you think.