Tuneup Your iTunes Collection

Cory Blog, Software

Windows/Mac: If you’re a music lover like I am, then you have tons of songs piled into iTunes 8. And you most likely have songs entitled “Track1, Track2” and so on. You probably even have “Artist-Unknown” instances scattered throughout your iTunes shelves. This bugs you. I know. And it is a very big deal. You can fix it- just Tuneup your itunes.

Tuneup will

  • Automatically clean your mislabeled music
  • Find your missing cover art
  • Alert you to upcoming concerts based on your collection
  • Give you the best music content from the web
  • After installing, Tuneup joins your iTunes window seamlessly. To find the right metadata for your songs, select your files and drag/drop them onto the Tuneup window. Once it finds the right information and you check to make sure its right, click Save. That’s it. Do the same if you need to find missing cover art.

    Tuneup use to be for just windows but recently offered/or is offering a Mac Beta Program. Now you can execute 500 cleanups for free or for unlimited cleanups, buy the Gold version for 20 green ones. This is a must have for any music listening enhusiast.