Force Firefox to Save Passwords: Simple

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This article assumes you’re using Firefox 3 and that you know how to save a bookmark.

Some lousy webpages won’t save your passwords, like hotmail, their related sites like Windows Live Skydrive (file storage), sometimes blogger, and there are others. Maybe you frequent a site and you have to type in your obscure username and password each and every time. I figured there HAS to be solution, and there is. Plus, it’s easy. I did it. And it works like butter.


The solution comes from

In order to make Mozilla Firefox remember a password, even if the website vendor is using AutoComplete=off to disable this feature, drag’n’drop the following bookmarklet to your Bookmarks Toolbar: Save Passwords.

Everytime you click the link, the script will run on the active tab, find any form elements that have their autocomplete tag set to off, toggle it, and add a smiley emoticon. Of course, Firefox will ask for a confirmation to save the password.


After you followed the above, go to the annoying webpage, type in your login info, click on the “Save Passwords” bookmark, then submit your login information like you usually do. FF will ask to save the password. Choose “Remember” or it will defeat the whole purpose. Presto! Walla! Like magic!

(if the bookmarklet link above fails to work, see the original post. I’m not sure if javascript copies.)