More Software Means Productivity

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The move to Mac has been nothing less than exhilarating these last few months… except for one massive set back. By personal stupidity, said macbook pro now holds the scares of a recent mishandling. The bruises, I fear, will never heal, especially the ones in my heart. Thankfully, it forgave me, by not giving up on me in any way. >>Sorry Mac. I should have protected you from harm. I should not have taken your suave aluminum exterior for granted<<

So, More Software can Mean Productivity…depends what you fill your harddrive with. Me? I usually fill it with all sorts of fun games and software, then trash it two seconds later when I find it needs a serial number, or when it’s just not as appealing as I thought it might very well be. It’s a given that Mac organizes and reads the HD in a much more productive fashion than windows…In very basic terms, when you install programs on a windows machine, information gets stored in the registry. When you Uninstall these programs later, you’d think the information gets pulled from this store house, but not all of it does. This lifestyle is what leads to your sluggish computer AND it to viruses, who are well acquainted with windows. (for assistance with windows, see Necessary Utilities for Windows)

Mac, on the other hand, installs applications like applications should be installed. The apps sit in your applications folder and when you want to remove it, the usual way is, throw it in the trash. But there’s even a better way. Because each application stores its preferences elsewhere on the computer, Appcleaner is the more productive way to go. Not only is it sleek and stylish, it’s easy to use. Drag&Drop said application into Appcleaner, and the program finds all related files on your system. Then you can trash them. Appcleaner also protects any application you choose so you don’t accidentally junk some necessary files. How can you go wrong? This is a must need for Mac owners.

[These are some other applications I use but I will not go into detail about the reviews]

AUDACITY for Mac – free sound editor/creator [came in super handy for my last video project]

THE FILTER – Music for your taste & itunes playlist creator

FROSTWIRE – Sounds and looks like Limewire-but better-P2P program with lightning speeds

MACTHERIPPER – free DVD ripper

HANDBRAKE – Rip DVDs into any format such as for use on ipod

ONYX – keep your Mac clean and maintained

TRANSMISSION – free bitTorrent downloader-crazy fast

iSHOWU – awesome screen capture [used all the time to record streaming video etc.]

FLIP4MAC – sometimes you can’t get away from Microsoft. Use this to play Windows Media on your Mac.

GIMMESOMETUNE – iTunes add on, fetch artwork, view lyrics, etc.

MPEGSTREAMCLIP – video converter

THE UNARCHIVER – unpack (unzip+) packages that exist in many formats

WIRETAP/PRO – great for recording system audio, line-in, streaming audio, or just about anything

SENUTI – iTunes backwards, this free program transfers your ipod files to your Mac