Firefox 3: Display richer colors

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If you didn’t join the other 8 million citizens of earth on Firefox 3’s HUGE download day this last Tuesday, don’t worry. It’s not too late to click over and download it now. Besides excellent internet security, pop-up blocker, themes, addins, and tabbed browsing farrrr more superior to that of IE or the like, FF3 brings to the browsing world a reinvented bookmarking system, enhanced default interface, a smart address bar which looks up frequented sites as you type, and exquiset performance meaning blazing speeds. The list could go on and the priases could continue,  but you can find countless reviews and blogs on FF3 alone all over the internet.

One of my new favorite tweaks with Firefox 3 is the ability to turn on the advanced color profile support which adds brilliant depth to photos seen on the web. And it’s easy. Just link over to Lifehacker’s Post entitled “Tweak Firefox to Display Richer Colors” and follow the simple directions. You will notice the difference.