Cory Blog, Mac

In light of certain events, as of late, I have made the cross over to the mac world: 15″ 200HD silver MacBook Pro with OSX Leopard. After spending a half day transferring old files, I now have nothing to do. I am just amazed at the craftsmanship and technology that’s crammed into this mid-sized laptop. And Leopard is awesome. It doesn’t need anything. It is completely self-sufficient. No need for anti-virus, anti-spyware, registry clean ups, maintenance. Just use it. Plug in Play is joke in windows compared to this machine. It truly runs like a computer should. Few things in life actually work like advertisements say they do, and this one of them. When I open the sleek laptop lid, it powers in a second, and really, I just stare at the screen. I have to try even harder now to find programs that I actually need for this. There’s not much. The possibilities are endless. Now I am just looking forward to using its skills for a Greater reason.