Anti-Hassle Anti-Virus

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Nearly every new Windows PC gets shipped with some sort of Anti-Virus software, usually it’s the memory sucking ‘Norton Suite,’ and it’s plagued with a 60 or 90 day trial. After the inevitable expiration…welcome virus’ sin city, right? Not unless you’re prepared. Not unless you’ve read up on MonthsForever Tech Blog, or subscribed to my RSS feed. My advice?

Scrap the Packaged Software. And Get Free Resources.

AVG Anti-Virus provides a Free Edition for searching out those sneaky viruses lurking in your system folders. Sure the paid version gets you a lot more, but if you use common internet & computer sense, along with Windows Defender for ridding of spyware, then you don’t need a whole suite of things that will end up slowing down your browsing experience anyway.
I used AVG back in the day after getting upset with Norton’s hording of memory, but when I obtained free access to McAfee via Comcast, I quickly became a fan of the new anti-virus program and used it instead for some years now. However, in recent days, my access finally expired, so continued my search for a good, free, low-memory usage protection program.
I tried a program called Avast, but, at the time, I was having troubles within my system, virus related I assume, and Avast did jack squat good for me. Trying to run a scan resulted in multiple bleeps and beeps- so much so, the scan could not continue, and I could not continue to bare the program. Uninstalled. Re-enter AVG.
After the initial scan, AVG is pretty much hidden, save the icon in the system tray, notifying you that if there’s ever a problem, it’s REAL TIME protection agent will be fast at work. It gives you that peace of mind that everything’s going to be ok. If I were to mention AVG’s “cons” it would be only that every single day, even multiple times a day, a pop up will appear showing you that it’s downloading more virus definitions, again. Sometimes it gets in the way of other things you’re doing, but hey, I can’t really complain. It’s cleaned up my computer; it’s keeping it safe, and it was free.